With a critical eye, unique experiences and collaborations, we aim for high-quality end results. We focus on design that adds extra value, meaning and quality, determined by shape, materials, composition, scent and dimension. In addition to our interior design office, we have our own atelier where we can meticulously monitor production. We treat every project with equal perfectionism and enthusiasm.





Wout is best known as someone with a strong

creative mind, wich in combination with a fascination for shapes and material results in a unique aesthetic. Skilled in processing various materials, he realizes pieces worthy of your home. These bold and unique designs are created in his own studio, occasionally in collaboration with partners, closely monitoring every project.


What started out as a passion for Wout has now grown into an enterprise. Wout Willems Design Office (WWDO) is an interior design company from Antwerp, founded at the beginning of 2020.